Smarter Assessment

The conventional way of assessment is boring! Just you and the unresponsive book. We provide interactive exercises that you can do over and over again, anywhere, any time. Our plan starts at $35 for six months. All the 18,000 questions covering Primary 4 to 6 a click away.

Salient features
- Instant feedback.
- Automatic progression.
- Clues for Easy Grammar questions.
- Multiple answers for Cloze and Synthesis.
- Rewards to motivate learners.
Why our programme?
Our exercises cover nearly 80% of the PSLE English Paper 2. With all three upper primary levels included, we help you save money buying 21 assessment books.
Ease of access
You can access our site from various devices, including your PC, laptop, iPad and even iPhone. All you need is an Internet connection and a browser.