Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is organised into three sections: Registration, Technical and Member. If you've a question that is not answered here, please direct it to


  1. After registering, how quickly can I start using my e-learning account?
  2. It depends on your method of payment:

    PayPal   5-10 minutes
    ATM Fund Transfer   On the same working day
    Cheque 2-3 working days
  3. I have not received the confirmation email.
  4. There may be two possible causes. Either you misspelled the email address, or the confirmation email was caught by a spam filter. First, check your email's spam folder. If the email is not there, try re-registering.

  5. I have paid through Paypal, but I am still unable to log in.
  6. The payment itself does not create your account. Your account is created only after you click on the activation link contained in the email despatched after your payment. Sometimes, this activation email is mistaken as a spam so you would need to check your spam folder as well.

  7. Why am I asked for the verification code?
  8. You are asked for the verification code because your session has expired (i.e. you closed your browser after registering but before payment). You can find this code in the registration email.

  9. Does a six-month membership have access to all the questions?
  10. Yes, a six-month membership has access to all the questions just as a one-year membership. The learner's access to questions at a higher level is based on his or her completing the required number of questions and obtaining a score of at least 81%.

  11. My child is Primary 3 this year. Should I register now or wait until next year?
  12. It depends. If your child is strong in English, then the answer is Yes. Otherwise, it's advisable to defer the registering until he or she is at least Primary 4.

  13. Can I register for my child if we aren't from Singapore?
  14. Yes, provided your child is under 15 years of age as stated in our Terms and Conditions.

  15. Should I register at or near the beginning of the year?
  16. Not necessary. You can register at any time of the year as our programme does not follow a time-table. If you register on 20 May 2011 for a one-year plan, your e-learning account will expire on 21 May 2012.

  17. What is considered a valid username?
  18. A valid username can contain only letters (e.g. tommy), or both letters and numbers (e.g. tommy12). Underscores are also permissible (e.g. tommy_12).

    Avoid long usernames or usernames that contain only numbers. Swear or vulgar words are disallowed.

  19. Can I use the same email address more than once?
  20. No, you can't. A different email is required for each registration.


  1. Do I need to install any software?
  2. No, all you need is an Internet connection and a web browser.

  3. What browsers are supported?
  4. This site has been tested on Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera as well as Edge. There are no known issues.

  5. Can I use a tablet PC to access your site?
  6. Yes, as well as desktop and laptop computers, you can also use our site on a tablet PC. In fact, you can access it via an Iphone too.

  7. What Internet connection speed is required?
  8. A normal broadband connection will be adequate.

  9. Do I need a Flash or Java plugin?
  10. No, you don't.


  1. How often can I log in to my account?
  2. You can log in to your account as often as desired.

  3. How many exercises can I do per day?
  4. All exercises except Synthesis and Transformation contain five questions each. The number of exercises you can do is determined by your energy points. You get 50 energy points every two hours, so you can do 50 exercises during this period. This helps to pace your learning as well as to ensure that you do not overwhelm yourself.

  5. Can I change my username?
  6. No, you can't. But if you have valid reasons to make a change, you can email us your request and we'll consider it.

  7. What are Ace points?
  8. You get an Ace point whenever you obtain a perfect score. For example, if you score five out of five for a Grammar or Cloze exercise, you get an Ace point. For Synthesis, you get an Ace point if you answer the question correctly within two attempts.

  9. What are jars?
  10. These are small rewards (images) you can collect using your Ace points. You need 20 Ace points to exchange for a jar.

  11. I've forgotten my password. What should I do?
  12. You can click on Forgot Password and enter the email address you used during registration. A new password will be sent to that email.

  13. Can I log in to my account from school or a public place, such as a library?
  14. Yes, you can. But you must remember to log out after use. Otherwise, when another person uses the same computer as you, he or she will be able to access your account.

  15. What is Discover Mode?
  16. The Discover mode is the default mode for all the categories. In this mode, only new questions are used in the exercises. If you obtain a perfect score, you get an Ace point.

  17. What is Revise Mode?
  18. The Revise mode uses questions you have attempted before to let you improve your score through drill and practice. You don't get Ace points in this mode.

  19. Can I skip the Easy level?
  20. No, you can't. But this should not be an issue. If you complete your work regularly and meet the requirements, you can progress to the higher levels in a short time.

  21. What happens when my account expires?
  22. You can still log in to your account and use some of the site's features. However, you won't be able to do the exercises.

  23. Can I renew my account?
  24. Yes, you can renew your account at any time, before or even after it expires. You must be logged in to do the renewal.