The following testimonials came from parents and members. If you would like to write us a testimonial, the email is admin@acingenglish.com.

P.S. It is a wonderful site.
--Anildeep Sohal, parent of ksohal
Thanks Acingenglish! I got an A* in this year's PSLE (2013) and I'm writing to you to thank you for this site and to your tutors for helping me with my questions.
My son's account expires in end of July. I think my kids like it so much and it is useful, hence I decided to renew for another 6 more months. It is convenient and time saving for all. My son is preparing for his PSLE now and I encourage him to do as many sections as he could, especially on the vocabulary, which is his weak area.
--Mr Ravi, parent of Yugesh (Kuo Chuan Presbyterian)
Simple and regular practice will help your son improve by leaps and bounds. My son, who struggled, now does questions from www.acingenglish.com.
--A forumer at kiasuparents.com
--FaithLim, Ngee Ann Primary School
I got back my Preliminary English paper today and I scored quite high!! THANKS ACINGENGLISH!! :)
--sihui, Unity Primary School
I have to really thank you for creating a web site like Acingenglish. I used to fail all the mock exams for English but not for Maths and Science. I've improved a lot and passed both my SA1 and Preliminary English exams.
--chandra_ch, Griffiths Primary School
We are based in Shanghai and our daughter is studying in an international school. To help her familiarise with the Singapore primary English syllabus, we signed her up for your programme. It complements the assesment books we've bought for her. She enjoys doing the interactive exercises and her grammar and vocabulary skills have shown a marked improvement.
--Ms Soh, parent of zoey
My eldest son has benefitted greatly from your online portal. My younger son will be in Primary Four next year and I'm wondering if he can share the same username as his brother or if he needs to create a new account.
--Mr Ong, parent of ongzhenxian
My child likes to do the English exercises - he's motivated by the points system. Perhaps you can introduce a High Score chart to add a competitive element to your learning programme.
--Ms Tay, parent of Z3ST3R